Prepared with passion, served with pride

Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch? Help yourself to as many dishes as you want at the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian's (and they won’t count if you come back for more)

Weekends are for relaxing and feasting – yes, even with the children in tow. You can do both at Kontiki kid-friendly buffet at the Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian’s, offering Saturday diners and Sunday lunchers an all you can eat extravaganza… free flowing soft drinks and water included on Sundays, too!

Considering the full house it was when we were there last Sunday, it seems like this is a hot favourite with families looking for a deliciously relaxing way to recharge over the weekend.

If you’re hosting the extended family and the grandparents prefer something more traditional, Kontiki offers a great balance that will definitely satisfy everyone. You can’t go wrong with a piece of lampuki and cauliflower pie, or slow cooked kirxa to impress nanna!  Feeling a tad more adventurous? Check out the ethnic stall for some chicken shawarma and warm pita. There you go, a mix of local delights as well as international favourites.

Oh, don’t forget to make a stop at the live pasta station. This was easily my favourite section. Diners are not given only a choice of one, but two or three seasonal sauces. There was ziti aglio oglio with black mussels, chili and fresh basil, a rabbit sauce, and a ricotta and spinach baked lasagna.

Then for the main course. Be sure to bring a big appetite to take advantage of the indulgent hot dishes like the chicken curry, rib of beef or roasted whole chicken.

Are you a bit apprehensive about taking your five year-old twins to a restaurant? The staff is warm and welcoming and definitely won’t make you feel uncomfortable. The restaurant offers a dedicated children’s corner, where little ones can be served with a special menu from the kids’ table and can be entertained with different activities at the kids’ club. Oh, and did I mention that kids under twelve eat for free?

Always save some room for the grand finale to end your meal on a sweet note. The selection of pastries, cakes, and flans meant it was hard to choose. I opted for the tiramisu but had to return for some home-made ice-cream and fresh fruit. Don’t judge me. It was a Sunday. At its best.

Offering a very wide range of cuisines, food selections and live stations, Kontiki promises an exceptional buffet experience, catering for everyone’s unique tastes. The chefs use local produce, meat and dairy and have an ever-changing menu that highlights seasonal ingredients at the peak of freshness and flavour.

The menu at Kontiki changes from lunch to lunch, dinner to dinner, so if you’re tempted to visit two weekends in a row, you’ll find something different every time.  What is consistent, though, apart from the spectacular service, is the family atmosphere and the enjoyment that all diners seem to get from feasting together.

Can’t make Sunday lunch due to other commitments? They’re open for dinner on Saturdays, too! Parking is also free, so hey, no excuses.               


Radisson Blu Resort, St. Julian’s

Tel: 21374894