Not just another tourist trap

Located on arguably one of the most touristic streets in Mellieha, Tosca is anything but a tourist trap

The possibilities are endless for dining out in Mellieha. Some consider it to be a minefield of tourist-trap restaurants offering depressingly overpriced mediocre food. Many locals would see the address of Tosca and go running in the other direction. Fourtunately, there are some dazzling establishments and authentic local finds. Located on arguably one of the most touristic streets in Mellieha, Tosca is anything but a tourist trap. At Tosca, all dishes are cooked with fresh and good quality products, ranging from pasta and pizza to fresh meats and fish.

The service is quick and the decoration, with wooden tables and brick walls, make it the perfect haven for charging ones’ batteries and feeling at home.

My guest and I started off our meal with a seasonal special - lampuki carpaccio with asparagus and pomegranate. You won’t be able to find this one on the menu everyday, though. The restaurant develops seasonal specials that change every few weeks to keep up with the constantly-changing seasonal produce grown locally.

Then came the grilled octopus with grazed fennel and smoked paprika vinaigrette. It was so fresh, the octopus tasted like it was just plucked out of the water. Every element of the dish was exquisite and describing the flavours is impossible – you simply need to try it. Just to give you a slight hint, each bite had a unique flavour, from sweet to smokey and intense.

Equally as impressive was the main course that followed – pork belly with local apple jam. I was intrigued and interrogated the chef about what seemed to be a magical sauce- a really interesting addition too - which turned this dish into something really special. Everything was so well executed on the plate and that pork belly was stunning, too.

And then came my favourite part… dessert! We opted for a portion of mqaret, served with prickly-pear liquor and cinnamon ice-cream, because let’s be honest, mqaret are never a mistake! We tried to be adventurous by ordering a deconstructed snickers, which consisted of peanut butter biscuits, toffee sauce, peanuts, and chocolate and peanut mousses.  This was indeed playful, innovative and a display of skill, attention to detail and ingredients, technique and textures.

Feel like a plate of pasta, or a pizza corona? Mum feels like something a little more fancy? Tosca is another good spot for families looking to indulge in a quick meal or dip their toes into fine dining, but without the price tag or time commitment. Whether it’s date night, dinner with the parents or you simply fancy a sumptuous meal, Tosca has got you covered. Opens daily for dinner from 6pm onwards.


Triq Gorg Borg Olivier


2280 1927

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