A Sunday buffet worth getting out of bed for

Found in the midst of elegance that is Corinthia Hotel, St. George’s Bay, the restaurant is ready, able, and willing to exceed your expectations

For lack of a better phrase: winter is coming. I don’t know about you, but in my books, cold and blistery afternoons are synonymous with feasting, right?

In case you were wondering, I’ve got just the perfect restaurant in mind, which not only lives up to my winter feasting expectations, but dare I say it, exceeds them.

Well, hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, as I present to you: Fra Martino. Found in the midst of elegance that is Corinthia Hotel, St. George’s Bay, the restaurant is ready, able, and willing to exceed your expectations, too.

As I may have mentioned before, buffets and I aren’t exactly the greatest of friends. However, making the decision to pluck myself off my bed that Sunday morning, was the best I’ve made in a while.

I made my way down to St. George’s Bay and a sense of calm washed over me, as I remembered that dining at Fra Martino entitles me to three hours of complimentary parking; thus giving me ample time to indulge in seconds (and thirds).

The sense of calm I felt earlier was hastily replaced by a wave of excitement and a sharp pang of hunger as I entered the restaurant. With child-like wonder, I investigated every inch of the place, eager to begin the food marathon.

Spoiler alert: the food is delectable. And though I am fully aware of how grandiose a claim that is, I stand by it 100%. I’m referring to each and every station here, ranging from the fresh pasta bar, to the ethnic corner, to the cold cuts section, all the way to the carvery table. Oh, and if you have a smidgen of doubt that I didn’t make it my mission to try every single thing I laid my eyes on, think again.

As with most eateries, especially nowadays, where there’s a new establishment opening up every couple of minutes, it is rarely just the quality of the food that matters. I’ll even take it as far as to say that the ambiance and experience in all its entirety, is just as crucial.

That’s where Fra Martino comes in, with a surprisingly strong hand to play. Do you have young, extremely picky children? Let’s just say I could write an entire review on the kids’ section alone.

With an entire corner dedicated to the likes of your offspring, whether its (shockingly tasty) chicken nuggets, potato smileys, or made-on-the-spot candy floss they’re after, Fra Martino is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Just in case you’re thinking that mere chicken nuggets aren’t enough to keep your child entertained, there’s more. On-going live music and animation, tailored specifically for those extra restless kiddies, are also provided by the restaurant.

Oh and here’s the kicker: if they’re under 12, they eat for FREE!

Feeling stressed out by the mere concept of having to cook for your family of 12 next Sunday? Why not treat them, and yourself, to a delicious three-hour-long food marathon, instead? 

Fra Martino

Corinthia Hotel St. George's BaySt Julian’s

Tel: 21374114