Where to find some of the best desserts in Malta

No meal is complete without a beautifully indulgent dessert

Assortment of goodies from Manouche
Assortment of goodies from Manouche

Luckily for everyone, Malta has plenty of establishments that focus on delivering rich, decadent desserts to be enjoyed by all. Serving everything from interesting ice-cream flavours, build your own desserts, kannoli, seasonal treats, and more.

Manouche Craft Bakery

Manouche is a newer establishment that has already made a name for itself. Found in St Julian’s as part of the Park Towers Supermarket Complex, the display window at the counter has beautifully decorated desserts all lined up side by side ready for the picking.

If you’re looking for gluten-free dessert, Manouche also has you covered. Manouche is an excellent choice for those who are looking to catch up with friends while enjoying a majestic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Pure Living

Pure Living is for everyone who wishes to eat and live healthier, cleaner and more consciously. Found in Sliema, Pure Living's aim is to push a healthy lifestyle while you are enjoying it like any other.

The restaurant was founded after they realised that even though there were plenty of tasty options in Malta, the lack of healthy places was concerning. 

Catch and Co

Catch & Co Malta can be found near the waterside in the Valletta Waterfront, and it’s famous for it’ variety of mediterranean cuisines, especially the seafood. However, lately Catch and Co also grew a reputation for delicious home made desserts which completes your meal.

Catch and Co can be the perfect destination for people who either want to visit Valletta or for those who want a break after cruising!

La Giara

La Giara is a restaurant in Valletta. Its name translates to 'The Jar' which is something of a historic object in the Mediterranean and hence, is  home to mediterrean food.

The menu specifies on simple rustic food from Sicily and the desserts that follow that experience. For a complete Sicilian experience, La Giara could be the place just for you. 

La Cuccagna

Found in 1992, La Cuccagna is a family run restaurant in the heart of Sliema. Its passion and dedication in giving the perfect dessert to the clientele hasn’t changed through time.

The restaurant is also known for baking one of the best gluten free pizza bases on the Island. This proves that people with dietary requirements are also at the forefront of La Cuccagna.

So if you're looking for an exquisite menu options together with a fantastic dessert to complete the meal, La Cuccagna is the place for you.

A meal isn’t complete without the perfect dessert...so good luck in your conquest for an excellent dessert!

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