A must for gin and rum lovers

The much-anticipated outdoor gin and rum bar joins a selection of other restaurants at Urban Valley Resort, and its food and drinks menus don’t disappoint

Tucked away in a quiet residential street in Kappara, Urban Valley Resort is proud to give its residents and customers exactly what they want. Viento is, at its simplest, the latest reason to visit the Urban Valley Resort. The much-anticipated outdoor gin and rum bar joins a selection of other restaurants at the resort, and its food and drinks menus don’t disappoint. Viento is the coolest place to relax with friends, share tapas and sip on a refreshing gin and tonic. It is located on the mezzanine level of the resort, by the pool area.

Operating in the evenings until late at night, Viento boasts a range of wines, beers and spirits but the stars of the bar are their selection of gins and rums. With a wide variety of Spanish gins and Cuban rums to choose from, this bar is an excellent place for even connoisseurs to learn and expand their knowledge. No matter what level of ‘gin or rum connoisseur’ you are, this place will have something for you. Complete gin novice? Even though the extensive range might seem intimidating at first, the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to talk you through their selection and recommend something based on your tastes.

For centuries, gin and rum have both been bar staples, and indeed, many of today’s predominant brands have a century (or more) of history behind them. The classic Gin Rives has been produced in El Puerto De Santa Maria since 1880, using eight different kinds of seeds and natural plants, all enhancing its own taste and aroma. On the palate, the alcohol blends perfectly and the gin reveals a multitude of nuances; aromatic and with a fresh finish thanks to the citrus. You can either try it as part of the usual gin and tonic, as I did, or in one of their special cocktails created to compliment the flavours of the gin perfectly.

We also tried the Conde de Cuba Elixir rum, a harmonious blend of Cuban rum with local sweet fruits and spices. This left a deep and strong taste on the palate, creating an extraordinary bouquet. I can guarantee the range at Viento has something to suit every palate!

The bar also offers a menu of tapas. The best thing about tapas is that you can have a snack or a feast, and the menu is flexible enough to suit everybody. Naturally, we sample plates of tapas like bite-sized offerings of house smoked sausages which paired extremely well with my botanical gin tonic. For heartier appetites, there’s also homemade falafels as well as flat bread. For me, the star dish was the sauté of octopus and chorizo… the flavours are so interesting, intense and work excellent together!  Any of these snacks pair well with the bar’s never ending list of signature drinks.

It’s easy to have a quick drink and snack at Viento, but you can also assemble a whole meal just by sticking around long enough. For my next visit, I’ve already made note to bring more friends and sample more plates and cocktails. The area is also ideal for entertaining and hosting special events. This well presented venue provides an energised environment, making it just perfect for your private function.

As the weather heats up, nothing’s better than enjoying a cold beverage in a nice outdoor space. The fun cocktails and excellent tapas make Viento an easy choice for a private retreat on weekdays, though prepare for the spot to get busy on weekends.

Viento will be open as from the 1st of May from 6pm onwards and offers free parking to all its patrons.

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Viento at Urban Valley Resort

Triq Wied Ghollieqa, Kappara