A seaside restaurant in St. Paul's Bay you need to visit this winter

Fight the winter blues, get back to your cheery summer self and discover flavours to float your boat whilst looking out at the spectacular views of St. Paul’s Islands and Xemxija

Nine Lives features an excellent combination of great food and scenery, offering quality waterfront dining in a calm and relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere. When I received the invitation for lunch on a beautiful warm day, to say I was a little excited would be an understatement.

Despite the fascinating view, my attention was quickly stolen by the extensive and inviting menu; a menu that offers an inspired array of selections that made it hard for me and my guest to choose from, so we left it up to the Executive Chef as well as his team, who prepared a wonderful variety of dishes for all tastes... even the most discerning.

We were told that the menu changes seasonally to showcase top quality meat, seafood and veggies. Here, they don’t limit themselves to a particular cuisine, but choose to work with inspirations taken from across the globe. After trying out several dishes, from Mediterranean to Asian fusion to Peruvian flavours, I can tell you that they master them all. The grilled octopus, one of their Peruvian dishes to die for, is cooked in anticucho sauce and served on foamy potato puree and chimichurri sauce… and let me tell you, it just can’t get any better.

The sushi is easily the restaurant’s biggest selling point.  Each bite is a symphony of colour, texture, presentation, and taste. After finding out that the sushi chefs have a wealth of experience in prestigious world renowned Japanese restaurants, I wasn’t surprised at all. If you’re looking for your sushi fix; a sashimi platter, mixed platter or single rolls, Nine Lives has got you covered… and you won’t be disappointed.

Although we did indeed overeat, it is unheard of not to end the meal on a sweet note. Chocolate and lemongrass in filo pastry with a side of vanilla ice-cream wasn’t a bad way to end what had been a fiery feast.

The perfect music played whilst we dined, setting the stage for my ideal experience; getting comfortable and hesitating to leave. In my experience, most restaurants play the wrong sort of music. While a lot of thought is normally given to the menu, the wine list, and the service, none whatsoever is given to the music. Things are different at Nine Lives. Open for all-day dining, the music sets the mood for the day; a calm relaxing atmosphere during breakfast hours which is livened up as the day goes along.

I reckon this winter will be even better, as they were only getting started in the summer… so stay tuned. Discover flavours to float your boat whilst looking out at the spectacular views of St. Paul’s Islands and Xemxija. We know we’ll be returning. Oh, and did I mention the free parking?

Nine Lives

Perched Beach, San Pawl il-Baħar

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+356 2157 9658