Italian-inspired eatery ticks all boxes

Amidst all the commotion in the buzzing town of St Julians, you will find this gem of an eatery, which not only offers stunning views, but also dishes you’ve only dreamt of 

May we finally bid farewell to our bathing suits and t-shirts? Well, hold your horses! Though we can’t deny that the merciless Maltese summer has backed down somewhat, it certainly still allows for a blissful lunch on the terrace in the warm sun.

Where better to indulge in that polipo in padella all’aglio or that costate di vitello you’ve been craving, than at Da Marina restaurant at the Marina Hotel?

Amidst all the commotion in the buzzing town of St Julians, you will find this gem of an eatery, which not only offers stunning views, but also dishes you’ve only dreamt of.

Immediately settling into our favourite activity; that of sipping chilled wine on the terrace, overlooking the sea, we felt right at home. We excitedly (and greedily) ordered an array of dishes, including carciofi con pomodori, pesce spade and fusilli, as well as a couple of desserts too, out of fear that we hadn’t already ordered enough. As we eagerly awaited our meals, we couldn’t help but appreciate the view of the crystal blue water, as well as the fact that Malta allows for al fresco dining in Autumn.

First up: the carciofi con pomodori secchi and zucchini alla griglia con salsa verde. For the non-Italian speaking folk, that’s artichokes with sundried tomatoes and grilled courgettes, drizzled with a basil dressing.

Both were the epitome of fresh, overflowing with delicious vegetables, seasoned to a tee. What more could you ask for, really? That’s right… the mains.

We adopted the ‘fresh is best’ mentality, and opted for the pesce spade alla messinese and the fusilli alla verdure as our main dishes. Just for good measure, we also ordered a pizza di Formaggi and a Maltese. Disclaimer: prepare to be disappointed when you realise that you’re physically incapable of ordering and consuming another 6 dishes!

One more time for the English speakers, we ordered the grilled swordfish, accompanied by tomatoes, olives and onions, and the fusilli with an eclectic mix of veggies, including asparagus, tomatoes and a touch of basil. The former could only have been more fresh if we had reached down and grabbed one out of the sea that second, and the fusilli was a beautiful blend of colours and textures, all of which excited our eyes, palettes and stomachs. The pizzas: soft, delicious, indulgent, oh and expertly cooked in a stone-baked oven (in case you were wondering).

Moving on to the final course: dessert. We ordered one of my personal favourites – a warm almond tart, topped with vanilla ice cream. Delectable, soft, warm and as satisfying as ever, the tart was the cherry on top of the superb Da Marina cake.And just like that, our dream-like lunch came to a sweet end.

With a heavy heart, we made our way back to our vehicles, but not before being informed that we had 3 hours worth of free parking. Yet another pro to add to the bunch! If you’ve gotten through this entire review without picking up the phone and booking a table, I’ll assume it’s just because your phone is disconnected because really, where would you rather be tomorrow afternoon, than on Da Marina’s terrace indulging in all things Italiano?

Da Marina 

St George's Bay, St. Julian's 

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+356 2370 2000