Taste the continents at this buffet lunch on Sundays

Tucked away in a quiet residential street in Kappara, Urban Valley Resort really knows how to give its residents and customers what they want. Harley Mallia heads down to the resort for the opening of the Sunday lunch buffet featuring tastes and flavours from around the globe

There is no denying that I love summer…lazy days at the beach, cocktail in one hand, book in the other. My Sundays are spent moving from one beach to the next, because let’s face it, what else is there to do on a hot, humid day in Malta? We are, however, reaching the end of the beach period, and for me, that means one thing – instead of moving from one beach to another on a Sunday, I now begin what I call Foodie Sundays. Winter body – I’m coming for you.

The very first restaurant I chose had to be a special one. It was the opening Sunday; I had to raise the bar for many Sundays yet to come. And trust me – it really did. I had been to Urban Valley Resort a few times during the Summer for a day by the pool. Tucked away in a quiet residential street in Kappara, the resort really knows how to give its residents and customers what they want. The second I saw their Sunday Lunch advert I knew I had to be there for the opening Sunday.

We’ve all been to buffets, and while I appreciate the abundancy, I will not be impressed simply because there are 100 chafing dishes filled to the brim with food. I want to eat good food from a varied menu, and Urban Valley Resort offers just that and more. Urban Valley Resort offers beautifully set tables, an outdoor play area for the little ones, delicious and varied food options, and to top it off, they will also change the theme of their buffet every Sunday. The ‘Taste the Continents’ concept will not only give patrons the wow factor for lunch, but a reason to return again the following Sunday to taste more of what the Resort can offer.

This week’s continent was America. From smoked pork ribs to spicy buffalo wings to the juiciest brisket I have ever had, Urban Valley Resort managed to surpass all my expectations. The live pasta station was also a hit – there’s something about seeing your food being prepared that makes it taste ten times better. What surprised me the most about the pasta station was the out-of-the-ordinary choices. A rich and creamy seafood lasagna and pillowy potato gnocchi were two of the options. I’ll take that over the Bolognese any day.

Much to my dismay, there were some items which I had to miss out on. There’s only so much I can eat. Or so I thought.

The dessert table. What a table. Words cannot possibly express how happy I was to see all those delicious cakes, tarts, fruits, and creams laid out neatly, just waiting for me to devour. What I missed out on savoury, I really made up for when it came to sweet. My absolute favourite item was the sweet and sticky pecan pie, which is an item not often found in Maltese restaurants and cafes. Urban Valley Resort went out of their way to ensure that the menu really does pay a great tribute to the continent in question.

Just as I was nodding off happily at table (as I usually do) after lunch, we were invited for a drink at the newly opened Viento, right next to the beautiful pool. The outdoor gin and rum bar is one of the latest additions at the Resort. I wish I could try the food, but I had to stick to a glass (or three) of gin and tonic, which were the perfect ending to the first edition of my Foodie Sundays.Urban Valley Resort, you’ll be seeing me again.

Urban Valley Resort

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