Update 2 | Second COVID-19 death registered today, 45 new cases and 32 recoveries

A second COVID-19 death pushes total deaths up to 23 • 5 migrants who reside in closed centres also tested positive 

Another elderly man has died after contracting COVID-19, the health ministry has confirmed.

The 83-year-old was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on the 16th September the day he was admitted to Mater Dei. He was kept at the hospital until his passing earlier today. 

According to the health ministry, this man was also suffering from underlying conditions.

The health ministry offers their condolences to those close to the victims, and continue to urge people to follow health guidelines.

COVID-19 update: 45 new cases and 32 recoveries

45 new cases of COVID-19 and 32 recoveries have brought active cases up to 676.

A total of 1,783 swab tests were carried out over the past 24 hours, with today's cases still being investigated.

From yesterday's cases, eight of those were family members of previously known cases, while another two were direct contacts of other positive cases.

Another case of COVID-19 was found in the St Joseph Home cluster and four other cases were work colleages of previously known cases. Two were contracted from social gatherings.

Malta's 22nd victim

The health ministry has confirmed that a 98-year-old man is Malta's 22nd COVID-19 victim.

The man tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday 6th September. He was residing in an elderly home but was moved to Mater Dei Hospital after the diagnosis. 

He continued to receive care at Mater Dei until passing away earlier today.

Health officials say that he was suffering from underlying health conditions.


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