Longer days are for longer evenings at Drift

Drift has been steadily gaining popularity since it opened its doors. What Drift is now offering is more. More of everything. More on their menu and more time to spend catching up with friends as the days get longer. RACHEL AGIUS gets the low down on what’s new

Isn’t it great when you get what you want? Life gets a little better every time things go your way and you can’t but feel a little bit smug. This, I imagine, is what the customers at Drift Meze and Café are feeling right about now. Their prayers have been answered. 

We last caught up with the crew behind the favourite local haunt a little while ago, when they introduced us to their menu and gave us a quick history of Drift. The short version is that Alex and Daniela, two of the owners, once worked in and helped run Bouzouki, the legendary Greek restaurant that has sadly since closed. Simon wanted to do something different with his café in the heart of Ibragg and the rest, as they say is history.

Their clients come from all over but Drift is especially beloved by the locals, who don’t need to go far for their fix of Greek nibbles, a coffee between friends or a quick drink after work. 

Drift have revamped their menu and tweaked their hours to appease the masses, in a move that is sure to delight the regulars. 

Cheese fans can look forward to the addition of grilled halloumi to the menu – that delightful squeaky cheese that simply oozes Mediterranean flavour. Another addition is a 250g Drift burger, for those that prefer a meaty meal they can eat with their hands. 

The fish and meat platters have been revamped too and we’re sure they are only going to get more popular. 

As the days grow longer and the shirt sleeves grow shorter, Drift will be staying open longer, as from May, Monday to Friday. The kitchen will be taking orders until 9pm, perfect for a relaxed dinner. But worry not – the doors won’t close just then. Drift will stay open till late offering sustenance of the liquid variety. It will no doubt be a great pit stop for after-work drinks or before a night on the town. If you’re not intent on heading out (after all, not all of us party quite as hard as we used to and that’s quite alright), pick up a takeaway and become everyone’s favourite person when you get back home. 

Alex, Daniela and Simon have turned a little café into a bustling hub of good food, a relaxed atmosphere and a culinary pedigree that cannot be beaten. What gives Drift that extra something special is the way the whole team pulls together. Steve and Wylie were part of the original Bouzouki team and the passion they have for the place stems from nostalgia for the good old days. This rubs off both on management, staff and clientele as everyone looks back with fond memories whilst enjoying what the present has to offer. 

We can’t wait to see what comes next for Drift. And would also be very interested in sampling that burger. 

Drift Meze and Café

Ibrag Road,


Tel: 27138540