Rhythm, blues and a superb dining experience at the Jazz Cave

Dining just never felt so smooth, so funky, so good – and that’s not just the wine and jazz talking.

The restaurant scene in Malta has improved tremendously over the years with a great many superb restaurants opening their doors. However, getting the food right is only half the job; the right atmosphere completes the experience. The smooth sounds of jazz complement impressive dishes by chefs from all over the world to create an experience second to none. 

There is truly nowhere on the island as unforgettable as the Jazz Cave Restaurant. Dining just never felt so smooth, so funky, so good – and that’s not just the wine and jazz talking. Upon descending the staircase into the Jazz Cave Restaurant, you are immediately entering another time and place. Inside, you could be in Greenwich Village, NYC, and a world away from the Malta we know, but, infact, tucked right in the heart of Spinola Bay in Hotel Juliani.

The feel-good vibes inside the Jazz Cave Restaurant are intoxicating. Our cheery waitress welcomed us with baskets of homemade bread and sun-dried tomato tapenade to go around and the live pianist gently serenaded us as we settled in.
The group of us started the evening with a trio of starters. Beautifully plated (and even more delicious) pan-fried scallops with chorizo, an assortment of cheeses and my newfound love affair: Moroccan prawns. After indulging in those tangy, Moroccan-spiced, grilled prawns served with minted yoghurt, I’m not sure if I ever want to eat prawns any other way again.

The versatility of the Jazz Cave Restaurant with that perfect mix of class, style, and freshness, really sets a new standard in the restaurant scene in Malta. Right in the heart of St Julian’s. It’s the perfect spot for date night or after work drinks with a group of friends before heading off to the clubs or for a business meeting (no awkward silences with the live jazz). For families there’s even a discount on Sundays to enjoy a quality meal in style. Rest assured, the kids will love it. Special events, weddings, staff parties, you name it, the Jazz Cave Restaurant has you covered with a night to remember.

Let’s be honest, as a first-timer to a restaurant, you never know what to expect portion-wise. We were pleasantly surprised with our generous mains. They were of high quality, perfectly portioned and very fairly priced. The Jazz Cave Restaurant is neither budget nor fine dining but rather quality dining and a memorable restaurant experience. We wouldn’t go home hungry, like I do too often after a night of fine dining, only to succumb to the nearest pastizzeria for a guilty slice of pizza.

My truffle mushroom risotto packed a flavour punch. The others enjoyed their mains like crispy salmon served with this rich and creamy prawn sauce on a bed of roasted vegetables. With a kitchen staffed with Hungarian, Arab and Italian chefs, it’s not surprising these worlds collide, and you can taste it. The kitchen brings touch of flair to the eclectic Mediterranean menu.
Before we knew it, it was well past midnight. Time dissipates in a good way inside the Jazz Cave Restaurant. What can I say? We dined, we laughed, we jazzed... and we’ll be back to try their Mediterranean lamb chops. In the mood for a bit of a party? Check out the Jazz Cave Restaurant's Sunday night event which features a live band, finger food and a welcome drink all for €15. On Tuesdays the Jazz Cave Restaurant is offering patrons a discount of 15%

Jazz Cave Restaurant

Hotel Juliani

Spinola Bay,

St Julian’s

Web: www.jazzcaverestaurant.com

Facebook: jazzcavemalta