Maltese choosing better hotels over expensive travel
In the last three months of 2016, travellers spent 13.4% more on accommodation...
Malta in Airbnb top 20 value accommodation
Valletta was ranked the 17th European capital for the best value accommodation...
Young man arrested after St Julian’s drug bust
Court & Police
A young man was arrested yesterday after being found in possession of 250...
Chris Said terminology pledge proves only Labour protects civil rights, Equality Labour says
Equality Labour has expressed concern at Nationalist Party leader candidate...
Italian biker hospitalised after falling from motorcycle
Court & Police
A 50-year-old Italian man was hospitalised with grievous injuries this morning...
Two women grievously injured in three-car Mosta collision
Court & Police
Two women were grievously injured this morning after they were involved in a...
Gozo motorcyclist suffers grievous injuries after losing control of bike
Court & Police
A Gozitan man was grievously injured yesterday evening after losing...
Anthony Buttigieg to contest PD leadership
Partit Demokratiku deputy leader Anthony Buttigieg will be contesting...

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