Time spent on echocardiogram waiting list slashed to three months
The amount of time patients spend waiting for an echocardiogram over the last...
SmartCity master plan proposals ‘a land grab’, Din L-Art Helwa says
Environmental NGO Din l-Art Helwa has referred to proposed changes to the...
PD urges Planning Authority to rehabilitate Kalanka to natural state
Partit Demokratiku has called on the Planning Authority to refuse the proposed...
Two people suffer grievous injuries in separate falls
Court & Police
A man and a woman were both grievously injured in separate falls in...
Cyclist grievously injured in collision with truck
Court & Police
A woman was grievously injured this morning when she was hit by a truck while...
Woman grievously injured by forklifter in Hamrun
Court & Police
A woman was grievously injured this morning after she was hit by a...
Youth detained after pleading not guilty to assaulting a police officer
Court & Police
A young man has denied charges of breaching bail conditions and assaulting a...
Cyclists call for safer alternative routes in Marsaskala
The Bicycling Advocacy Group has called on the Marsaskala local council to...

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