Friends of the Earth urges public to support Kalanka Bay’s public domain status
Environmental NGO Friends of the Earth has urged the public to 'save the...
AFM evacuates elderly woman in need of medical attention from cruise ship
The AFM dispatched a rescue vessel yesterday to transport an elderly woman...
Man suffers grievous injuries after falling on rocks at St Thomas Bay
Court & Police
A man was grievously injured yesterday evening after he slipped and fell on the...
President's employment initiative seeks to assist disadvantaged youths
The Malta Federation of Organisations of Persons with Disability and the Malta...
Worker suffers grievous injuries in scaffolding fall
Court & Police
A 54-year-old Serbian worker suffered grievous injuries this morning when he...
Transport ministry attempt to alleviate Lija traffic ‘futile’, cyclists' group says
The Bicycling Advocacy Group has called the road widening works currently...
Man suffers grievous injuries as car crash pushes stationary vehicle onto him
Court & Police
A man was hospitalised this morning after a traffic collision in...
Man chased by police suffers grievous injuries in motorcycle crash
Court & Police
A motorcyclist was grievously injured yesterday evening as he crashed into a...

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