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Easter is coming early this year and with it the promise of spring, longer, sunnier days and dining outside on the abundance of vegetables available at this time of year.

Read the March issue of Gourmet Today here
Read the March issue of Gourmet Today here

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Our homecooks prepare an Easter feast that includes the traditional lamb and chocolately dessert. Gaby Holland creates a hearty starter inspired by the local kusku, though transformed into a pasta bake. For main course she makes an easy-to-prepare, delicious butterflied lamb and Sandra Dimech rounds off the meal with a delicious chocolate and marmalade torte, which contains no flour and is thus suitable for the ever-growing population of gluten intolerants.

To make this dessert even more 'homemade', make your own marmalade with Pippa Mattei's recipes as she preserves the remaining citrus fruits. She also comes back from a holiday to Spain where she picked up some of the best recipes for paella along with beautifully fried salted cod cakes and churros with a rich chocolate dipping sauce for dessert, all of which is naturally washed down with loads of sangria.

Gourmet Today has featured many of the Diacono cooks over the years. In this issue we go back to the source of their culinary learning to pick up a few tricks from the master herself, Rita Diacono, whose children and grandchildren have inherited her love of food and kept a close eye on what was going on in the kitchen.

We hope that you enjoy this issue of Gourmet Today and look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.  We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Easter, full of love and food.