Rachel Zammit Cutajar graduated in economics from the University of Malta, but her love of horses led her to acquiring a degree in equine science from the University of Portsmouth, before joining MaltaToday in 2010. Her passion for good food and fitness have remained consistent throughout her life: today she has found her place in the world as editor of Gourmet Today, Health and Fitness Today and Vida Magazine. She spends her days reviewing restaurants, trying out new recipe ideas, interviewing chefs, producers and practitioners, researching health trends and checking out the latest in retail outlets.

Oriental chicken lettuce cups
These chicken cups are light, quick to prepare and most of all super tasty....
Lobster Tom Kha
This spicy lobster soup can be made with any shellfish or even white fish if...
Veggie chow mein
Chinese chow mein is the ultimate comfort food. Make with chicken, pork or fish...
Ring of Kerry | Wild rugged landscapes steeped in history
Whilst recovering from your St Patrick's Day hangover, take a moment to...
Zagreb | Croatia’s answer to sophisticated city life
A city that started out as two separate hilltop settlements, today offers a...
Levantina Bistro and Bakehouse | The Middle East comes to Mriehel
Are you tired of the same old lunch you grab in between meetings? Schedule your...
Baked eggs in roasted peppers
Eggs are a great go-to when you haven’t made any plans for dinner, you...
Roasted aubergines with bulgar wheat
Aubergines are a versatile vegetable that work well as a substitute to meat....
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