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Summer has arrived and though temperatures are not as high as we would expect in July, our eating habits have still changed to adapt to the summer months.

More outdoor dining means better use of the barbeque. Our homecooks get outdoors and make use of the barbeque - a grilled halloumi cheese starter that will keep your vegetarian guests happy and a barbequed scabbard fish - an underappreciated local fish that has avoided the fish farms so far.

To go with barbequed meats, Pippa Mattei lets us in on her homemade barbeque sauce. Though really simple to make your guests will be impressed that you have even gone through the trouble of making your own sauces.

Summer dining does not only have to be about barbeques, Michael Diacono prepares an easy meal to entertain guests without getting smoked out over a hot barbeque while also leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your guests' company. 

Summer time is the season for ice-cream and though there are tonnes of good brands around, nothing compares to homemade ice-cream. Invest in an ice-cream machine and you'll never eat another store-bought ice-cream again.