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Though summer should be over now as we approach the end of October, it is still on its last legs. From a food perspective though, the seasons have already changed. The winter stock of ingredients are now appearing on the shelves - delicious pumpkins that, not only make spooky Jack o'Lanterns for the Halloween weekend soon upon us, but also make some delicious, warming winter recipes. Check out some of Pippa Mattei's ideas on what to do with the lowly pumpkin and some of her Thanksgiving treats.

Although winter food evokes thoughts of rich comfort food, so many people are becoming more and more health conscious throughout the year, looking for meals that will not only make them slimmer but give them more energy and just make them feel generally better. While cooking healthy food at home is a little easier, finding it to go it very difficult. In steps the Grassy Hopper. Run by Jasmin De Giorgio, Emmeline Schembri and Mario Clinch, The Grassy Hopper is a fast-food trailer selling tasty yet healthy food to make you feel better. From freshly blended smoothies, to energy balls and beetroot veggie burgers there's something deliciously healthy for any time of day.

With temperatures dropping just a few degrees, Michael Diacono is happier about being in the kitchen and has some easy entertaining ideas for this in-between season. Try some of our homecooks comfort food, with a great egg and bacon salad that is great as a starter or a light supper and deep-fried, beer-battered lampuki with aubergine chips.