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As the summer’s heat reaches it peak, we all look for a little respite. Santa Marija weekend just around the corner usually means holidays for everyone. Even if you were considering working, the entire island shuts down so take some time to enjoy yourself.



Family holidays are usually top priority at this time of year. Gozo is a popular destination at this time of year and we, at Gourmet TODAY, took an early trip to discover what’s hot on the island. Pippa Mattei is Gozo inspired and goes through her vast collection of recipes to bring us some Gozitan treats, most of which she had to piece together from little scraps of paper with scribbles on them that she made while visiting real Gozitan homes.

As the summer holidays go on and on why not entertain your kids making your own ice lollies, using fresh fruit. Not only are they great fun to make but the kids will be more inclined to eat the fruit they prepared themselves, and even more so if they come in colourful containers available on the market right now.

Basil is growing like weeds right now and the best way (and a delicious one, at that) to keep it under control is to make pesto. Although pasta is pesto’s best friend, it adds flavour to so many other dishes.