[READ] Gourmet Today October edition online

Check out the October edition of Gourmet Today, now available online

As summer reaches its sad end we bid adieu to the sun’s bright rays and brightly coloured fruit and start gearing up for a new season ahead, whether it’s preparing for school or new projects at work.





As for new projects, after five years of publishing Malta’s favourite food magazine, Gourmet Today has gone into television! You can now see our favourite chefs produce our favourite recipes on TVM every Friday at 18:50. And whilst you’re at it, check out our brand new website www.gourmettoday.recipes for recipes from the show, as well as from the magazine, along with restaurant reviews and plenty of competitions.

It’s all about the kids in October. Cristina has some great ideas for the kids’ lunchboxes that will even sneak in a vegetable or two without them even knowing while Pippa Mattei makes some spooky Halloween cupcakes the kids will have as much fun making as they will eating them. Talking of Halloween, that means plenty of sweets. Why not make your own candy instead of buying the usual stuff at the supermarket – it’s still quite sugar heavy, but at least we can eliminate the preservatives.

And don't forget to check out Gourmet Today on TVM every Friday at 18:30 and on our new website www.gourmettoday.recipes