[READ] Gourmet Today December edition online

The December edition of Gourmet Today is now available to read online. 

Christmas is finally upon us, even though temperatures haven’t really allowed us to bring out jackets just yet, fake snow and jingle bells are all around us. From a culinary perspective Christmas brings a lot of joy where moments of indulgence, which are avoided throughout the year are not only allowed but encouraged.

From minced pies and mulled wine to Christmas cakes and cookies there’s always time for a little indulgence with friends. In this issue of Gourmet, Pippa Mattei gets busy in the kitchen, making Christmas gifts that are good enough to eat! How better to show someone you care than to make them a delicious Christmas gift from scratch?

The star of the Christmas meal is more often than not a turkey, but it is often dry and not as wonderful as we might expect. At Gourmet we have gone to our favourite butchers to get some tips on how to produce the juiciest of turkeys on Christmas day. And if turkey isn’t your thing we have a wide range of alternatives from pork, game or even fish.