[WATCH] Asian tiger prawns

Watch Sean Gravina make Asian tiger prawns on the grill, served with a Thai chilli dressing. 

Sean Gravina makes Asian grilled tiger prawns with a Thai chilli dressing

Asian tiger prawns with chilli dressing

Serves 2


  • 8 large tiger prawns
  • Butter

Thai Dressing

  • 2 tbsp lime juice
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil
  • Coriander, chopped
  • Spring onions
  • 2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • Chilli
  • Salt Pepper


  1. Place the grill on the hob and heat gently until very hot.
  2. De vain the Prawn by pulling the intestines with a tooth pick . Try not the rapture the bag.
  3. Cut a line from the bottom of the prawn straight up to the head and open to a butterfly
  4. To make the dressing place all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk together. For a dressing with a stronger flavour simmer all the ingredients (except the coriander) on very low heat for 2 mins and add the coriander once cooled.
  5. Make the brown butter by heating the butter on medium heat until light brown, remove from the heat and add to a cool bowl to stop the cooking.
  6. Place the prepared prawns together with the brown butter on the hot grill and cook until lightly golden and just cooked through.
  7. Place the prawns on a plate and drizzle with the dressing and the juices that are left in the grill pan and a few quarters of lime and few pinches of salt. 

This recipe first appeared on Gourmet Today TV, aired on 24 October 2014.