Baked | White chocolate peach tart

With a great passion for good food and baking, Fran has turned her passion into her very own business venture; BAKED. It all started from her great grandma’s medeira recipe, and since then she’s been whipping up traditional flavours loved by everyone, but with her own personal twist

Fran's white chocolate peach tart
Fran's white chocolate peach tart


For the crust

  • 180g digestive biscuits
  • 65g sugar
  • 80g unsalted melted butter

For the filling

  • 340g white chocolate
  • 3tbsp butter
  • 1/3 cup double cream
  • 2 chopped peaches
  • A handful of pistachios


Mix the sugar and biscuits then blitz.

Fold in the melted butter until well combined and place in a tart dish and press down firmly on the bottom and up around the sides. Place in the freezer.

For the filling, melt the white chocolate, cream and butter whisking constantly until well combined.

Mix in the peaches and pour into the biscuit crust.

Sprinkle some chopped pistachios on top and place in the fridge to set.