Cinnamon apple and fig cake

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Cinnamon apple and fig cake
Cinnamon apple and fig cake


•    100g unsalted butter

•    200g sugar

•    2 eggs

•    180g self-raising flour

•    100g chopped dried figs

•    1 apple, peeled and chopped

•    1 tbsp cinnamon

•    1 tbsp sugar


1.  Beat the butter and sugar until well combined. 

2.  Add the eggs, mix, and fold in the flour. 

3.  Lightly coat the figs in flour and fold into the mixure. 

4.  Place the mixture in a 9inch cake pan, scatter the apple slices closely on top. 

5.  Mix the cinnamon and sugar and sprinkle on top. 

6.  Bake at 180c for 50 minutes. 

7.  Leave the cake to cool, slice up, and enjoy with a scoop of ice cream! 

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