Marsovin wins top international award for Marnisi Organic wine

Local winemakers Marsovin win gold medal for Marnisi Organic vintage 2018 at this year’s International Organic Wine Awards

Marsovin have won a gold medal for their Marnisi Organic vintage 2018 at this year’s International Organic Wine Awards, making it the third consecutive year that the local winemaker’s Marnisi wine bagged an award in the competition.

The Marnisi is the first Maltese wine falling in the premium wine category to be EU certified and awarded the official seal of ‘Organic Wine’, Marsovin said.

This wine competition is exclusive for international wines made from organically grown grapes (certified organic wine), and has become one of the most quality-oriented contests in the industry.

Marnisi 2018 competed with another 648 wines from 18 different countries, and was awarded 90 points, translating in a gold medal.

Each participating organic wine is individually evaluated by the jury that consists of “PAR® Certified Masters” working in groups of three.

Each nominee wine receives replicable and objective documentation of their sensory and oenological characteristics, and are assessed with respect to their authenticity, origin, and style – a skill of the specially educated jury members, Marsovin said.

“This is the 3rd vintage release for Marnisi as an organic wine. The organic conversion process began with the application of organic farming practices at the Marnisi Estate in Marsaxlokk, with an area covering 2.8 hectares making it the largest expanse of organically-farmed vines in Malta,” the company highlighted.

“In order to have organically-grown grapes, Marsovin’s viticulturists engage in an entirely different set of practices to maintain their vines. Once grapes are harvested they are transferred to the winery, where an alternative winemaking approach is employed to focus on the use of a specific list of ingredients used for organic vinification.”

Marnisi is available in all premium wine shops, as well as the Marsovin Cellars in Paola and The Master Cellar in Naxxar or Gzira.

Anyone wanting more information can contact Marsovin on 2366 2401 or [email protected].