Massimo Costa joined MaltaToday in 2017 as a journalist. He is a graduate in European Studies. His main areas of interest are EU policy-making and politics.

PA’s dismissal of San Dimitri fireworks factory appeal puts residents at risk - Gharb council
Local council emphasises it will use all possible measure to prevent the...
PD calls for proposed St George’s Bay development to be halted, radically re-thought
The Democratic Party said the project would cause loss of the bay due to...
Sky-high rents now a big problem even for iGaming’s foreign workers
High rental fees might be making it hard to attract essential foreign talent...
[WATCH] €25,000 grant for property owners in new vacant dwelling rental scheme
Housing Authority to rent vacant properties for ten years, owners can apply for...
[WATCH] Bulebel Industrial Estate expansion threatens honey production
Zejtun beekeeper Andre Seychell concerned loss of carob trees due to suggested...
Mintoff photo to stay at memorial as reminder of years of violence and corruption, activists say
A sizeable crowd attended a vigil in front of the law courts on Friday evening...
Former ERA CEO, now fronting Bulebel opposition, calls for safeguarding of open spaces
Perit Ruben Abela, whose NGO Wirt iz-Zejtun is opposing Bulebel Industrial...
Malta against EU taxes to placate funding gap created by Brexit
With Malta expected to receive fewer EU funds as a result of economic...
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