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One of the Valletta Waterfront's greatest assets, Pepe Nero, has expanded its successful pizzeria to include an a la carte dining area that includes exotic dishes like oysters, wild boar, suckling pig and duck dishes as well as the usual favourites.

When you think of a grill house your thoughts go straight to meat feasts and in this area, Pepe Nero will surely not disappoint. However fresh fish, lobsters, king prawns and calamari will also feature on the menu.

Take your pick from quality cuts of meat available from different breeds of cow, as well as different cuts of meat. Meat at Pepe Nero is not restricted to beef, with an amazing selection that includes some succulent marinated chicken pieces, lamb cutlets along with the more exotic wild boar fillets, venison steaks and bison burgers – a great alternative for those watching their weight yet craving burgers, as bison meat is 100% fat and cholesterol free.

Their bistecca alla Fiorentina is definitely worth a shot, though is not for the faint of heart. Weighing a hefty 1.1 kilos and 5-6cm thick this T-bone steak, cut from the Chianina cow, this 28 day dry aged steak is the perfect match for a hungry, meat-loving diner.

Whatever the choice of meat or fish, mains are accompanied with a selection of jacket potatoes served with scrumptious toppings including chorizo and blue cheese, tomato concasse and sour cream or plain garlic butter.

Try the sour creamed spinach that accompanies the meal – a favourite a New York steakhouses or grilled corn on the cob for a true barbeque feel, which is not restricted to the summer months, as the outdoor grill will remain open throughout the winter.

After dinner, the joys of the city await. Take a stroll along the buzzing Waterfront, stopping at one of the clubs if that is your thing or head up to the city centre to enjoy a coffee or walk around the shops. 

Pepe Nero’s a la carte section opens daily between 12:00 and 15:00 for lunch and between 19:00 and 0:00, while the pizzeria section is open from Monday to Thursday 11:30 – 15:00 and 19:00 – 00:00 and from Friday to Sunday from 11:30 – 00:00.


For more information contact 21222220 or email [email protected]

Pepe Nero, Valletta Waterfront, Valletta.

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