Margo's Pizzeria | A slice of Napoli

Pizza is one of the easiest dishes to find on the island. Finding a really good pizza however is not so easy. Finding a genuine Neapolitan pizza made with fresh ingredients is quite a feat.

Genuine Neapolitan pizzas are slowly making a name for themselves with genuine pizzerias popping up on the island. One such place to find a gourmet pizza worth taking a drive for is Margo's in Mistra Bay.

Though a little bit of a trek from the usual dining spots, Margo's is definitely worth the effort. Once you get there parking is not an issue with a small car park just outside the restaurant. The now-deserted beach provides a beautiful backdrop bringing with is the tranquillity of the sea.

What makes a genuine Neapolitan pizza stand out from their cheaper counterparts is a wood-burning oven, San Marzano tomatoes and of course mozzarella di buffala. All of these have been imported directly from Naples along with the chef's passion for making a perfect pizza.

The large room is transformed into a haven for pizza afacionados decorated with brightly-coloured paintings, artichoke chandeliers and modern furniture creating the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic meal.

Right from the word go, you know that the meal is going to be worth your while. The bread basket is a collection of home-made crackers and grissini as well as a some of the freshest brioche and crusty Maltese bread served with buffalo butter or olive oil.

One bite of a simple pizza margherita is enough to understand why the Italians say that anything else is simply not pizza. The base is perfect, thin in the centre and puffy on the sides. The tomatoes are of the San Marzano variety, imported directly from Naples, and the cheese - soft, creamy mozzarella di buffala that turns every bite into a taste of heaven.

If you've already consumed your ration of calories for the festive season go for one of the salads. Fresh ingredients that melt in your mouth make up an otherwise boring old caprese salad, giving the diner a whole different outlook on the simple salad.

The desserts are all the Italian usuals. Try the rum soaked rum baba served with a dollop of home-made ice-cream.

Before you bid 2011 farewell and with it unhealthy, carb-laden eating habits drop in on Margo's for a slice of comfort food that will satisfy any gourmet diner.

Address: Margo's Pizzeria

Mistra Bay


Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 19:00

Saturday and Sunday from 12:00

Contact: 21582736


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