Chez Philippe | A French love affair

The worries of the world all seem to melt away as soon as you set foot into Chez Philippe. The warmest greeting from Lisa and Eunice sets the tone for the rest of the meal.

The bright and bubbly team will make you feel right at home whilst making sure you want for nothing throughout the entire meal
The bright and bubbly team will make you feel right at home whilst making sure you want for nothing throughout the entire meal

The décor is casual, which added to the friendly staff makes you feel like you've just wandered out of your bedroom and headed downstairs. Only here you are sure to find whatever it is you are looking for in the way of food. As their slogan says it is sure to be love at first bite.

Located on the Gzira seafront the restaurant is ideally located close enough to the hustle and bustle of Sliema but far away enough for diners to be able to park their cars.

The restaurant was set up by Frenchman Philippe Fabre and was intended to bring French cuisine along with a superb wine list from every crevice of France to our sunny shores. Today the new owners have kept some of delicious French style dishes adding a Mediterranean touch.

The menu at Chez Philippe is short meaning that ingredients are not hanging around in the kitchen for very long. For the many regulars at the restaurant there is always a delicious selection of meals on the specials bored so that you never have to have the same meal twice, although you will definitely want to.

If you're not sure what to have, Lisa or Eunice will help you make the right decision, describing every dish with as much passion as the chef puts into making it.

The starters are a selection of French and Mediterranean dishes including the indulgent trio of foie gras, gravdlax with a dill, honey and mustard dressing and brie fritters served with cranberry sauce. If you find it impossible to choose these are great dishes for sharing, so go ahead, try them all. The steamed prawn dumplings servied with soy sauce are so delectable we had to order a second portion on our last visit despite the large quantities of food still on the way.

Mains include some traditional favourites with an indulgent twist. The veal rib eye served with truffle butter melts in your mouth, other dishes include a selection of chicken, lamb, pork and quail from the meat section while fresh fish is also always available.

If you're after something lighter Chez Philippe is sure to please. Simple pasta dishes or interesting salads are sure to leave the diner on a diet just as satisfied as those who aren't. Fresh salmon, Thai stir-fried beef, roasted feta with honey and thyme are just a few options available to spice up a boring salad.

Whatever you do make sure you leave room for dessert. Traditional French fare of apple tarte tatin or crème brulee is wonderful, while the mqaret served with ice cream, Baileys, nuts and golden syrup add a gourmet Maltese twist.

Chez Philippe is open for lunch from Monday to Saturday and for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday.

Address: 181, The Strand, Gzira

For more information contact 21330755, 79280499, 99014839 or visit