Grill 3301 | An undiscovered jewel

In this line of work I get invited to restaurants quite often, some good ones some not so good ones. However usually I know more or less what to expect before I get there. When I was invited to the Corinthia’s Grill 3301, I expected a steak house with a pretty view.

White linen table cloths and surrounding views of St George’s Bay makes dining at Grill 3301 a breathtaking experience
White linen table cloths and surrounding views of St George’s Bay makes dining at Grill 3301 a breathtaking experience

What I actually got exceeded my every expectation, which leads me to the question, why haven't I heard of this place before? Wake up my foodie friends. This is certainly one to put on our restaurant map.

On walking into the restaurant you can instantly see that this is no steak-and-chips kind of grill. Modern trendy décor and white linen tablecloths as well as the majestic view of the crashing seas in St George's Bay make this simple steak a five star dining area.

It's easy to have a moderately good restaurant, particularly if it is a steak house - good ingredients and simple cooking methods. However what makes Grill 3301 so special is in the detail. Hot fresh rolls and complimentary titbits between courses make all the difference taking the restaurant up a notch. Cauliflower puree with caramelised onions with a drizzle of truffle oil before the meal begins and just a taste of milk chocolate mousse at the end of the meal, compliments of the chef add that little special something.

One glance at the menu and it is instantly evident that this is going to be a good meal. Appetizers include small succulent portions of nibbles ideal for sharing. Try the honeyed quail with figs or the deliciously tender pork cheeks.

The choice of meat is not simply different cuts but available from different breeds. Try the Aberdeen Angus beef or the Charolais, or even the prized Kobe beef, though a little pricey it is worth every bite. The characteristic marbling of the creamy coloured fat which gives the meat its texture and succulent flavours is said to be the result of the cattle's diet of beer and having Japanese sake rubbed into their coats.

The seafood is just as impressive as the meat selection. A huge glass display allows diners to see the fresh variety of the freshest specimens - from huge denci to smaller red snappers and sea breams as well as fresh lobsters, mussels and clams.

For something a bit lighter, or as a decedent starter try one of the pasta or risotto dishes - mixed seafood topped with bottarga on tagliatelle or pasta with lobster and cherry tomatoes.

The desserts are worth leaving room for - perfect crème brulee topped with berries and an apple crisp, Valrhona chocolate tart or for something a little lighter try the refreshing medley of sorbet served with honey.

The wine list is extensive but why not go for something local. We had a bottle of Antonin by Marsovin, a great quality wine that accentuated the flavours of the Kobe steaks perfectly.

To top it all the service was also fantastic with waiters offering advice and catering to your every need before you are even aware that you need it.

If you haven't tried the undiscovered jewel that is Grill 3301 I suggest you try it. Though a little pricey, if you consider the quality of the ingredients being served it still offers good value for money and is the perfect spot for a special occasion.

Grill 3301 is open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday from 19:00 to 23:00.

Address: Corinthia Hotels,

St George's Bay,

St Julian's

Contact: 23702537 or [email protected]