Sako Sushi | Sushi on a belt

New sushi places are mushrooming all over the island with diners becoming more health conscious and acquiring a taste for Asian flavours.

Diners can see the sushi before they decide to pick that dish as it travels around a conveyor belt
Diners can see the sushi before they decide to pick that dish as it travels around a conveyor belt

The first time I had sushi was probably when I was around 12 on the top floor of Harvey Nics in London. Though I wasn't a huge fan of the taste of raw fish at such a young age - something that has changed over the years - what I was really excited about was the conveyor belt at YO! Sushi, which I thought was the most fun way to serve food ever and ended up eating the sushi just so I would be allowed to grab another plate.

Several years later I found myself in the same situation, though this time a little closer to home, at Sako Sushi in Spinola Bay. This time round however, it was the food that excited me more than the conveyor belt but it still adds an entertainment factor to the meal.

The front part of Wagamamas has been transformed into Sako Sushi where diners sit at the bar and sushi chefs place freshly made items on the conveyor belt that then makes its way around the bar so patrons can choose from a selection of small portions of a variety of dishes. Nowhere is the saying "you eat first with your eyes" more true as every dish appeals to the sight before it is even selected.

Different coloured dishes mean items on the plate cost different prices. A white plate costs as little as €1.75 with the most expensive items being served on a black plate at €4.75, with a large selection of plates priced in the middle at €2.50 and €3.50.

At the end of the meal the waiter simply counts the number of plates that are in front of you, adds it to your drinks bill and you're ready to go.

The sushi is remarkably fresh, with all the usual favourites, nigiri, sashimi, temaki and maki. To be sure everything is as fresh as possible each item is marked with the time it is made and removed from the conveyor belt if it is not consumed after two hours.

If you'd rather not choose your own, there are a selection of different platters that are also great for take away. Reasonably priced selections of just €12 for 15 pieces to the larger party platter for €40, which includes 60 pieces of sushi.

Though the idea is to sit down and have a quick meal there is also a limited wine list with wine sold by the glass as well as the bottle. Fresh juices are also available.

Sako Sushi is a great place for a quick meal with entertainment supplementing the great sushi served.


Sako sushi is open daily till 23:00

Address: 7a, St George's Road, Spinola Bay, St Julians.

Contact: 22382000