Rubino | Maltese wonders in the heart of Valletta

If you’re looking for a great Maltese meal in a traditional Maltese house in the heart of Valletta, then Rubino is definitely the place to go.

Rubino is located in a converted cellar on Old Bakery Street in Valletta
Rubino is located in a converted cellar on Old Bakery Street in Valletta

Though Maltese cuisine does not feature very well on my list of favourites Rubino is quite different. In the Diacono-run establishment Maltese cuisine meets Italian delicacies where tasty dishes are more important than sticking to traditional recipes with dishes that change every day according to seasonal ingredients available on the day.

There is no printed menu at Rubino, just some scribbling on a black board that can be changed as the night goes on. Take some advice from the owners, pushing their favourite dishes with passion. You can be sure they recommend dishes because they are have a special place in their heart - and their stomach - for them as I have never seen a Diacono lie about food - its just not in their genes.

Local specialties include dishes such as baked pasta or ghagin grieg, sfinec ta l-incova - a deep fried savoury doughnut with anchovies. The best way to enjoy the starters at Rubino is to simply order them all. Have a selection of mezes to share along with the delicious, crusty Valletta bread.

Rubino's also offers a variety of pastas in simple sauces, a selection of stuffed Maltese vegetables, lamb, rabbit and the famous Tagliata which is prime grilled beef served sliced with Parmesan shavings.

Fish also features on the menu plays an important part in our menu with Malta's very own Lampuki cooked in a pie or fried with a salsa piccante.

The small restaurant, which seats 45 people, is in a converted cellar, which still bears the original façade and is just a stone's throw from the Manoel Theatre. It an ideal spot for dinner after watching a show at the theatre or on an evening you want to get away from the madness of St Julian's.

Rubino's is renowned for desserts most especially the Cassata Siciliana and the Cannoli which are also made to order. Other sweets include the Cassata Gelato - a Maltese layered ice-cream - and the Torta tal-Marmurat made with chocolate, crushed biscuits, nuts and candied peel.


Rubino is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch between 12:30 and 14:30 (closed on Saturday) and for dinner from 19:30 to 22:30 (closed on Sunday).

Address: 53, Old Bakery Str, Valletta

Contact: 2124656