MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner | Flavours of Mexico overlooking Ghadira Bay

The smell of summer is definitely in the air, warmer temperatures, longer daylight hours and a brighter smile on people’s faces as they go about their daily routine. What makes me believe in summer more than anything is the smell of the sea and the beach – sensations truly missed through the dark and dreary winter.

MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner at the Tunny Net Resort in Ghadira Bay Mellieha
MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner at the Tunny Net Resort in Ghadira Bay Mellieha

Though the days are still on the chilly side for swimming and sunbathing - for some Mediterraneans at least - that doesn't mean we shouldn't be enjoying the sun's rays and the crisp cool waters that are never as clear as they are at this time of year.

The Tunny New Beach Resort is the perfect spot to enjoy a tasty meal overlooking arguably Malta's prettiest beach, Ghadira Bay. For fresh fish from caught straight from the waters that serve as a backdrop, check out La Barca restaurant and for something a little bit more spicy, try MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner.

Mexican food is the ideal choice for a summer meal. Eating chillies in the heat has been proven to actually cool you down. It's no coincidence that chillies are prevalent in cuisines of hot countries - India, Malaysia, Thailand, Africa, the Caribbean and of course Mexico, all use the hottest chillies to flavour their foods.

While a cold, refreshing drink may cool you down, the effect is short-lived as the body reacts to this sudden decrease in body temperature by raising it, leaving you hot and bothered. Spicy foods on the other hand increase body temperature and dilate blood vessels close to the skin allowing for a longer lasting reduction of heat.

Though in my opinion spicy flavours are a must in any Mexican dish the kitchen at MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner caters to every palate with some dishes to suit the spice lovers and others with milder flavours for those with much stronger spice aversions.

The view of the beach, the midday breeze and a sunny deck provide the perfect area to sit out in the sun, soaking up that Vitamin D on Caribbean outdoor furniture and sipping on ice-cold margaritas. Enjoy the sound of the sea gently caressing the water's edge whilst browsing through the selection of Mexican treats on the menu. 

For starters try the combo platter which includes a selection of chicken wings served with sweet chilli sauce, chicken flautas, which are crispy fried fl­our tortillas with chicken filling, calamari rings dished up with tartar sauce and mozzarella sticks served with garlic mayo. If you're a spice lover, try the jalapeno peppers, stuffed with cream cheese, dipped in breadcrumbs and deep fried - spicy Mexican heaven. To accompany the starters go for a chilled Mexican beer or a crisp rose wine.

Main courses include all the Mexican specials like quesadillas, tortillas and of course beef burritos but also include a more up-market grill section with a well-marbled rib-eye steak that is juicy and full of flavour as well as a full rack of pork ribs, deliciously barbequed for a clichéd finger licking good meal. Also on the menu are a wide selection of pizzas, burgers and salads ideal for a casual lunch or dinner. MexiCo. is also child friendly and contains a super selection for the little ones.

Move onto dessert with a fantastic choice of ice creams, gateaux, apple pie and cassata siciliana.

While dining at any of the Tunny Net Resort restaurants patrons can take advantage of the Seabank Hotel underground car park, out of the blistering sun, for a nominal fee of €1 for a three hour window.

MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner is open daily from 10:00 to 22:30.

Address: MexiCo. Mexican Bar & Diner


Tunny Net Complex


Marfa Road,




Tel: 21521332