Rise and shine with Waterbiscuit

New restaurants open up all the time, and to be perfectly honest many of them are just the same old, same old Italian style restaurants, some better than others. Waterbiscuit, at the Intercontinental, however is a breath of fresh air offering something slightly different.

Waterbiscuit offers stylish dining for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or even a snack in between
Waterbiscuit offers stylish dining for breakfast, lunch or dinner – or even a snack in between

Open 24 hours a day, Waterbiscuit serves up a great breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was the breakfast part that got me interested. There are very few places to go if you're looking for a good breakfast. Hotels offer a breakfast buffet and some places open early for coffee and a sandwich, or maybe a crossiant and some fresh orange juice if you're lucky but if you're looking for a healthy breakfast you'll be hard pressed to come up with a list of places to go.

Walking into Waterbiscuit makes you feel like you've left the sunny shores of Malta and landed in a big city, cool décor on split levels is the epitome of style, with two small private dining areas for patrons who would rather not be disturbed. The restaurant has its own entrance so you don't feel like you're disturbing hotel guests when you pop in for a bite to eat or a cocktail.  

Opening the breakfast menu was even more exciting. Of course there are the usual crossiants and pastries, cheese platters and fruit platters but also my personal favourite, eggs Benedict - made in six different ways with bacon, spinach, asparagus or ones with a more exciting twist - mushrooms and truffles or brie and pickled apple.


For the perfect weekend indulgence you can add a glass of sparkling wine to your eggs Benedict for just €3, something that takes me back to the six months I spent in New Zealand where after a night out everyone would meet back at a breakfast bar for a lavish breakfast and a mimosa or four before heading back home to nurse the hangover.

If lavish is not how you think of breakfast there are a number of healthier options including granolas, mueslis, egg white frittatas, BLTs and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on top of a breakfast bagel.

To wash it all down there is a selection of coffee, ranging from espresso and cappuccino to specialty coffees with vanilla or hazelnut flavourings, a wide range of teas and juices. Of course there is the option of freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice but also some more exciting juices - grapefruit, carrot and ginger, spinach, cucumber and celery or beetroot, apple and mint - not only are they super tasty but offer a wide variety of health benefits.  

When the food arrives, it looks more like a work of art than breakfast and it seems like such a shame to put your fork into it and ruin it - that is until you actually do it and take your first bite... in no time at all the work of art is nowhere to be seen, the only remaining evidence that it was ever there are the smears of hollandaise sauce on the plate and a satisfied customer.

There is also a la carte menu, which they serve for lunch and dinner. Here you will get the usual salads, pastas and main courses, though every dish has as little twist that makes it an innovative culinary adventure - try the pork cheeks with truffles or the seared salmon with hollandaise.

For later on in the day there is also a cocktail menu that is sure to help you wind down after a long day at the office - or the beach - or get you started for a fun night out.

Whatever the time of day, whatever the reason, Waterbiscuit has something for you, served in a chic atmosphere by friendly staff, you're bound to be impressed.


St George's Bay

St Julian's

Tel: 23762225

Facebook: www.facebook.com/waterbiscuitmalta