Cleland and Souchet | Putting some fun into Christmas shopping

The last few days of Christmas shopping are underway. Catching up with friends seems like so much more fun than the have-tos of Christmas shopping. At Cleland and Souchet you can get the best out of both.

Choose from a selection of more than 50 different wines by the glass whilst rushing around doing your last minute Christmas shopping
Choose from a selection of more than 50 different wines by the glass whilst rushing around doing your last minute Christmas shopping

Meet up with friends at their brand new wine café, an innovative hang-out that combines upmarket wines and gourmet food whilst still being able to do your gift shopping all in one spot.

What makes the Cleland & Souchet Wine Café stand out from the rest is their selection of wines. As wine importers you would expect an extensive collection, but what you might not expect is to be able to buy more than 50 different wines by the glass.

With wines ranging from standard entry level quality to prestigious wines like Burnello di Montalcino and Saint Emilion grand crus, there is something for everyone and perfect for a quick stop when you don't think you can manage a full bottle. There are even sparkling wines - prosecco, cava and even champagne. Their Enomatic wine dispensing systems ensures no air comes into contact with the wine until it reaches your glass, keeping the wine in top condition for 21 days after the bottle has been opened.

And why not grab a bite to eat with your wine. The menu at the café includes all the usual favourites, baugettes, toasties, salads, quiches and pies - all made with the very best ingredients and all made to the Cleland and Souchet specifications.


"The concept of the café is to create simple, fast foods that are fresh and individual. Everything is made to order - we keep a few items ready for take-away but if you sit down we make everything to order which allows us to customise each and every experience," said owner, Richard Cleland.

"Since we've opened the café we are seeing our loyal clientele growing steadily, from people stopping by for their morning espresso, to people stopping for lunch and people stopping after work for a glass of wine and a quick bite to eat."

But the most exciting dishes on the menu are the house specials. Salmon gravlax served with a mustard and dill sauce, a foie gras from Paris and a terrine of aubergine and tomato confit. Each of the specials comes with a suggested wine that brings out the flavours of the dish and these are at a special price.


If you don't want anything alcoholic, stop by for a coffee with a message from barista, Ildako, who specialises in coffee art. To make your message more colourful go for some of the brightly coloured macaroons or other homemade desserts by Alexia Fleri Soler. 


Grab yourself a table outside Cleland & Souchet and watch the world go by this Christmas. Watch this space for some new ideas after the Christmas season is over, with healthy snacks packed with superfoods and beautiful afternoon teas with sandwiches and cakes. Old world ideas with a causal and friendly philosophy brought to you by Cleland & Souchet.

14, Portomaso,
St Julian's.


Tel: 21389896