Eat food truck | Smoked meat worth your lunch money

Smoked meat is all the rage these days, with slow cooked hunks of meat showing up on many restarurant menus and some restaurants even specialising in the meaty morsels. Eat, a humble food truck in Mosta, does just this

Not so long ago, all you could expect to find at a food truck was a greasy hot dog, a just as greasy burger and maybe some ice cream. Fast forward to today and there are some options that are not only edible but even worth seeking out. From super salads at Billie D, to Mexican food at AvoTaco, Asian fusion at Kuya and the largest selection of candy you can ever imagine at Miss Ellen’s Travelling Treats, the food truck culture in Malta is definitely on the up. So whether you’re looking for food at an event, or needing to fill your lunch break with something delicious you’re more likely to be leaving satisfied.

When it comes to names of said food trucks we seem to be a little less imaginative than with the food that is on offer. Eeet Well, Eat Street or just simply Eat seem to be trending in the food truck world on the island – just in case you weren’t sure about what you were going to do when you got there. This brings me to this week’s eatery, the food truck Eat. Though totally unimaginative in its name, once we’ve filled our bellies we can forgive them this little indiscretion.

Unlike many of the food trucks on the island, this one has a fixed location. On the main road going from Mosta towards Burmarrad, the truck is parked by the side of the road, overlooking the fields of Bidnija. These guys are opting away from the Sliema/Ta’ Xbiex area where they are sure to rake it in from igamers spending their ill-gotten gains on delicious lunch. Eat cater more for locals and if you have to take a bit of a drive to get there is probably worth it. It’s easy to abandon your car by the side of the road (without the risk of prowling wardens, or obstructing traffic) and once you’ve ordered your food, you can head down to the benches below, under the shade of a huge pine tree, to dig into your lunch whilst enjoying the country views.

As you pull up, the smells of smoking meat accost your nostrils. Attached to the retro truck is a giant smoker. What Eat specialise in, is smoked meat – a trend that is gaining momentum on the island.

The menu is short with a list of specials including pulled beef, pork or turkey, Angus burgers, hot dogs, smoked chicken or brisket and a bunch of sides. Though meat is their priority, they do have a vegetarian option of aubergine and hummus, though I did not try this one. I opted for the smoked brisket, which is served in a baguette with spicy fries. The meat

Whilst you wait, there’s a huge packet of pork scatchings just calling your name. If you’re a fan of crackling, then this is the perfect while-you-wait-snack – fatty, crispy and spicy.

Whilst looking at the remains of my meal on the orange bench and staring out at the fields of Bidnija, I think this little food truck has upped the game in street food. Quick, easy, tasty and they provide you with the perfect spot to enjoy you meal. The only thing I could have done with was a wet wipe!

Rating: ****

What I ate: Smoked brisket, spicy fries, pork scratchings

What I spent: €10.50

Address: Eat, Triq Misrah Ghonoq, Mosta

Tel: 9980 9990

Facebook: eatmalta

Opening hours: 9:00 – 15:30