The Pulled Meat Company | Farm to fork makes for an excellent carbonara

The farm to fork project at The Pulled Meat Company sees them curing and hanging their own guiancale for one of the best carbonaras on the island.

The Pulled Meat Company has opened its third outlet, this one in Gzira, and I still haven’t managed to get myself together and book a table. Until a little earlier this week, that is.

I like to see people that are passionate about what they do, whether it’s in the catering industry or outside. The only way to produce anything worthwhile is to be obsessive about it. Having followed The Pulled Meat Company on Facebook for a while, it is clear that they are as obsessed about slow cooked meat as they come.

Starting out with ftiras stuffed with pulled pork, they have slowly branched out to include other meats including beef, chicken and rabbit. And from sandwiches they are now making pies, hot dogs (no pre-packed rubbish here, they make their own hotdogs) and pasta dishes, where the star of the sauce is always something meaty.

Among meat serving restaurants there is a global trend to move back towards our grandparents’ ways and serving every part of the animal rather than just the prime cuts.

This nose to tail attitude has been adopted by The Pulled Meat Company where they have been sourcing local, live pigs and having them slaughtered just for them. They take the whole animal and butcher it themselves, taking care to create recipes to use the entire animal.

Owner Rafel Sammut confirms that there has been plenty of collaboration with local farmers and that in the very near future they will be feeding their own pigs to ensure the very best quality of meat in their farm to fork project. Short of being a vegetarian, there is no greater respect for the animal than to ensure it has a good life prior to slaughter and to not let any of the animal go to waste.


One such is the guiancale, coming from the jowl of the pig, they use in their carbonara. Cured in the Italian way for two weeks and then hung for another eight, this dish really is a labour of love. And because there is only a limited amount of the meat needed for this recipe, this dish is only available on the specials menu as long as the meat lasts.

Although this started out as an outlet specialising in meat, their pasta dishes have won the hearts of many around the island so I decided to go for two smaller versions of their pasta dishes. I had to try the carbonara. This was by far the best carbonara I have ever had on the island. The sauce is perfectly creamy, without any cream, as is the traditional Italian recipe, however they do add their own little twist with a hint of smoked bacon.

Taglialoni with sausage, harissa and lemon ricotta
Taglialoni with sausage, harissa and lemon ricotta

Just for variety’s sake I also had the tagliolini with fresh sausage, made in-house, harissa and thyme, topped with lemon ricotta. I don’t often order pasta when I go out as many a time I can make a better version myself. I can, hand on heart, say that this was not the case here. I’m pretty sure they do a better job of any pasta dish I make at home.

Though it’s taken me a long time to get myself to The Pulled Meat Company, I will definitely be a repeat customer, and as they deliver to all parts of the island, this may very well become a regular office pick-me-up. 

What I ate

Mini version of the tagliolini with sausage and lemon ricotta

Mini version of the carbonara


€16.00 for the carbonara (main portion)

€12.50 for the tagliolini (main portion)

Rating: *****

29, Triq l-Imsida,


Tel: 21341050

Opening hours: Tues – Sat: 11:00 – 15:00; 19:00 – 23:00The