La Krepree | Unexpected goodies to keep that Christmas shopping going

If you're looking for an energy boost while doing your Christmas shopping, stop by La Krepree's food truck in the PAMA shopping centre.

Sometimes you plan your meals. What are we going to cook tonight? Shall we go out instead? Where shall we go? Sometimes these plans are made way in advance and sometimes they are spur of the moment plans. Sometimes these plans work out and you end up having an excellent meal and sometimes you wish you stuck to your regular haunts.

Sometimes you don’t make plans at all and yet you still find yourself indulging in that little bit of something extra, and, sometimes, you’re glad you did. This is what happened to me last week.

If there’s one thing that ruins the Christmas spirit for me it’s shopping. I’m not a keen shopper in the best of conditions. Add hoards of people, the pressure to get so many things done at once and finding the perfect gift for so many people and that is my own personal definition of hell. However it has to be done so I trundled off to PAMA shopping centre to try and get as much done as I could.

After a (relatively) successful hour or so, I found myself walking back to my car, bags in hand, and I just happened to stop in front a brand new food truck. The food truck is on the rise in Malta. While a couple of years ago I could name them all, there are now new ones popping up all over the place. Most often these are new companies that try their hand at the catering world and then move on to an establishment later.

La Krepree seems to have done the opposite. With outlets in Bugibba and Sliema, this little food truck is taking business to where the (hungry) shoppers are, parked outside the shops in the PAMA car park, for the month of December. The smell of chocolate and pancakes seems you pull you in and even though you didn’t have any plans to have anything to eat right then you find yourself ordering warm waffles, covered with Nutella and topping of strawberries, biscuits and cream.

Maybe it was because I needed a pick-me-up after shopping, or maybe it was just that the waffles were absolutely perfect. The server was ever so nice, telling me there was a five minute wait on the waffles (there’s a lot of batter that needs cooking) and making me feel like that was a good thing and then, when it was ready, handed over the warm waffles.

Though strawberries are not in season, I find it almost impossible to resist the chocolate and berry combo. The biscuits, which are crumbled over the top, don’t do much for the dessert in way of flavour, but where they are lacking in taste they make up in texture adding a little extra crunch to an otherwise soft dessert. 

Sitting on the bench in the car park, I took a photo of my food (a force of habit more than anything else) and thought this really does deserve a review.

What I ate

Waffle with Nutella, strawberries, biscuits and cream

Total: €5.95

Address: 64, 65 Dawret il-Gzejjer,


Tel: 21571517

Opening hours: Daily 10:00 – 23:30