Hibiki | A taste of the East

The tepanyaki table at Hibiki restaurant at the Fortina Spa Resort offers a night out to remember. Not only is the food exquisite but the entertainment value of the incredible chef juggling equipment and food items keeps diners entertained while waiting to be fed.

The Teppanyaki table seats about 10 people on each side, offering a good view of the food to be cooked at the centre of the table while guests watch.

This sort of set up is ideal for parties as it is possible to book the entire table, or alternatively one could book a smaller number of seats and be seated with other diners, which provides a perfect opportunity for meeting new people.

The wine list is extensive with a choice of wines from around the globe. Fortina imports wine directly from the producers to ensure best value for money on wines as there is no middleman trying to make a buck on your precious wine.

Miso soup is served at the beginning of the meal – a traditional Japanese soup made from “dashi” stock, which is softened into miso paste. Tofu, wakame – edible seaweed, and scallion make the dish more interesting.

The main course is cooked by an authentic Japanese chef, juggling blades, kitchen equipment and ingredients as he cooks a selection of dishes from prawns in garlic butter to chicken in peanut sauce, lamb with ginger, duck with mango sauce, white fish with a spicy sour sauce and beef with lime and soy, all served with a side of egg-fried rice and yaki soba noodles.

The chef provides entertainment by performing a few tricks whilst cooking the food and serving it to guests. He juggles two raw eggs, letting them come to rest in the middle of his chef’s hat, then tossing the egg through the air again, this time the egg lands cleanly on his blade, releasing the contents of the shell into a clean bowl.

Desserts include western favourties such as the chocolate brownie, as well as something more oriental – green tea pannacotta that encourages a sweetness brought out with the accompanying sauce, though it retaining the grassy notes associated with green tea. The grainy texture is reminiscent of the tea from which it takes its flavour.

The verdict of the night out? On the whole it is definitely a worthwhile evening. The food is superb, with every morsel perfectly cooked and loads of different flavours complementing one another. The added bonus of entertainment during the night makes this an ideal night out to entertain work colleagues or clients or even a first date where conversation may be difficult.

For anyone who has not experienced Hibiki at the Fortina Spa Resort, it is truly a unique experience on the island and should be experienced.

Address:Fortina Spa Resort, Tigne Seafront, Sliema, Malta

Contact:234 666 66

Opening details:Daily 12.30pm-14.30pm, 18.45pm-22.30pm (closed on Tuesday).



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