4-star hotels register largest share of guest nights

Total arrivals and nights spent in collective accommodation establishments during June 2015 increased by 0.2 and 0.4 per cent respectively when compared to the corresponding month in 2014.

In June, total arrivals in collective accommodation establishments numbered 154,225, while total nights spent amounted to 885,109. Collective accommodation categories registered decreases in total nights spent, with the exception of 3-star and 2-star hotels. The largest share of guest nights was reported in 4-star hotels, accounting for 405,076 nights, or 45.8 per cent of the total.

According to the National Statistics Office, the average length of stay in collective accommodation establishments stood at 5.7 nights during the month under review, at par with June 2014. The net use of bed-places stood at 74.6 per cent, up by 2.8 percentage points when compared to the corresponding month last year.

On a national level, there were 168 active collective accommodation establishments during June, with a net capacity of 18,285 bedrooms and 40,077 bed-places.


Total arrivals during the first six months of 2015 amounted to 725,779, an increase of 1.6 per cent over the same period in 2014.

Total nights spent went up by 1.4 per cent, reaching nearly 3.9 million. The net use of bed-places advanced by 2.7 percentage points to 58.7 per cent.

MTA welcomes statistics on arrivals and nights in collective accommodation

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has welcomed the statistics published earlier today saying that they “point to a positive performance in arrivals and nights spent in hotels and similar establishments during the month of June and the cumulative period January to June 2015.”

Pointing out the total arrivals and nights in collective accommodation during June 2015 at an estimated 154,225 and 885,109 respectively, the MTA said that figures showed a 0.2% in arrivals and 0.4% in nights spent.

“Overall performance for Gozo was better than Malta and in terms of accommodation categories, three star hotels recorded the best performance,” the Authority added in a press release.

MTA added that increases in arrivals were mainly recorded by four star and three star hotels in mainland Malta, and three star hotels in Gozo.

“Five star and three star hotels in Gozo together with three star hotels in Malta registered an increase in nights spent. The total average length of stay stood at 5.7 nights,” the statement reads.

MTA added that the overall net occupancy rate in June 2015 stood at 74.6%, up by 2.8 percentage points over the same month last year.

“All accommodation categories registered better occupancy rates compared to June of last year, indicating that the overall declines in arrivals and nights registered by five and four star hotels are due to a temporary decline in the number of beds available mostly due to refurbishment projects.”

MTA noted that arrivals and guest night figures for the second quarter of the year show a stronger performance for Gozo with a 6.6% increase in arrivals and 4.8% increase in nights.

“Gozo’s positive performance is attributable to increases in both non-resident and resident arrivals and nights,” MTA said.

It said that arrivals, guest nights and net occupancy rate figures for the period January to June show an overall positive performance within collective accommodation establishments.

“Total arrivals estimated at 725,779 increased by 1.6%, while total guest nights at 3,877,180 were up by 1.4%. All hotel categories registered increases in occupancy rates while mainland Malta registered a better performance in arrivals, nights and occupancy rates when compared to Gozo,” the statement continues. 

MTA said it was particularly pleased with the improved collective accommodation performance in Gozo during the month of June and second quarter of 2015, which is in line with the Government’s strategy to increase the number of tourists choosing to spend nights in our sister island, Gozo.

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