Missing teenager turns up on Facebook: ‘Don’t worry about me, I will solve my own problems’

Shakira Degabriele, 17, was reported missing by the police but turned up on Facebook • Police say her status is still considered ‘missing’

Shakira Degabriele (Source: Facebook)
Shakira Degabriele (Source: Facebook)

Shakira Degabriele has turned up on Facebook, despite being reported missing by the police.

The police had sent a statement to newsrooms requesting the public’s help in finding the missing 17-year-old.

In a statement, police said she was last seen in Siġġiewi, wearing black shorts, and a blue and red striped t-shirt.

“I am still alive and I will remain alive. Do not share it anymore you are so funny,” she said in the Facebook post. “Everyone wants to stick their nose in, its better if you look at what you do, rather than carrying other people’s cross.”

Shakira's Facebook post
Shakira's Facebook post

She told people to stop worrying about her.

“It’s not as if you will not find me. Don’t worry about me, I will solve my own problems, I don’t need anyone,” she said. “If I’m missing, I’ll see to it. Now please stop sending me messages.”

Speaking to MaltaToday, a police spokesperson said that Degabriele’s status is still ‘missing’, stating the police are aware of the Facebook post.

He said she needs to turn up physically, and has to be seen by the police.