Vitals court case against Muscat set to start on May 28

Magistrate Rachel Montebello, who will be presiding over the case has set Tuesday 28 May as the date for Muscat and others to be charged in connection to the hospitals deal fraud

Former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is set to be charged in court, alongside 18 other defendants, on 28 May, MaltaToday can confirm.

Muscat, together with Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri, Clarence John Conger-Thompson, Christopher Spiteri, Jonathan Vella, David-Joseph Meli, Ivan Vassallo, Mario Victor Gatt, Brian Bondin, Adrian Hillman, Peter Sladden, Brian Tonna, Karl Cini and companies Sciacca Grill Ltd, Kasco Engineering Company Ltd, FSV Ltd and MTrace p.l.c, will be charged with money laundering, fraud and making fraudulent gain, as well as conspiracy to commit an offence punishable by imprisonment for more than four years and participating in a criminal organisation with more than ten members.

Magistrate Rachel Montebello has been assigned to preside over the compilation of evidence.