Drunk-driver stopped by cement pots from hitting pedestrians by Swieqi cafe

Mosta man driving under the influence hit two cars and cement pots outside a Swieqi cafeteria late Monday evening

The driver hit two other cars and a cement pot (Photo: Facebook)
The driver hit two other cars and a cement pot (Photo: Facebook)

A 58-year-old man of Mosta crashed his Toyota Vitz into two other cars and a two cement pots on the sidewalk of a Swieqi cafeteria, in an incident that took place last night at around 9:45pm on Triq tal-Ibrag.

Luckily, no one was injured in the incident: Vago Cafeteria supervisor Keith Vella told MaltaToday that he was inside the cafeteria when he heard noises outside.

The driver had reportedly crashed into two other cars, when he reversed and hit the cement pots.

“The cement pots were heavy enought to stop the car and none of the patrons were injured,” Vella said, adding that the table closest to the pots had not been occupied at the time of the incident.

Photos uploaded on Facebook showed the broken pots that acted as a barrier for the persons outside the cafeteria.
The man was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

Vella said that the man appeared to be in shock when he emerged from the car. “He definitely didn’t look like he crashed on purpose,” Vella said, dismissing reports that the driver had “gone on a crashing rampage”.

Adding that the incident had been “blown out of proportion”, Vella said that the police had arrived on site immediately.

“We thought that something might have happened to [the driver] and he appeared to be in shock,” he added.
A spokesperson for the police said that the driver had been spoken to by the police.

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