PN candidate blasts ‘impartial’ TVM

Interviewed by Illum, Kevin Plumpton speaks about his candidature, the influence of rebel MPs within the Nationalist Party and his controversial citizenship stand.

MEP hopeful Kevin Plumpton
MEP hopeful Kevin Plumpton

In a scathing attack at the Public Broadcasting Services (PBS), the Nationalist Party's MEP candidate Kevin Plumpton has claimed that the state media's news has become littered with bias, Sunday newspaper Illum reveals.

Following PBS's failure to report Edward Scicluna's admission that the government had rushed on the citizenship scheme, PN Leader Simon Busuttil had accused PBS of "arrogantly censoring what could embarrass the Labour government," while on his part, the party's secretary general Chris Said had also accused the state media of delivering "impartial" news - a stand also voiced by Kevin Plumpton.

"ONE news is now starting at 8pm," Plumpton argued.

The young candidate has recently landed in hot water with the Nationalist Party after he urged the party to withdraw a threat to revoke citizenships granted under the Individual Investor Programme.

His comments also saw him urge the PN to put its partisan interests aside and back the revamped citizenship scheme - much to the disdain of the Nationalist Party which in turn dissociated itself from its candidate's comments.

Speaking exclusively on his controversial stand, the PN MEP candidate played down the issue but nevertheless insisted that it had influenced him.

"If elected," Plumpton argued, "I would use the European Parliament as the necessary platform to safeguard the rights of Malta and the fundamental human rights of all migrants."

"Given Malta's size, the influx of migrants has become unsustainable. However, the issue is not solved by xenophobia, racism or repatriation threats," Plumpton said.

In a dig at former Nationalist MPs Franco Debono and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Plumpton also explained that every Nationalist MP is now pulling the same rope in the same direction.

Read more in today's edition of Illum. 

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Mr. Plumpton, You have an honest face. Come on! Surely if you stop and think about the PBS of over a year ago, you will say the same. Honest and thoughtful people always said that the PBS is a tool in the present administration's hands. So you now lambaste the present PBS but do not say anything about the PBS under your party's machine? Surely you remember that the BA chastised the PBS under the direction of AG? You'd do well and make peace with your party. It is your party which is biased. Biased against you.
Well , well, well. Doesn't this ring a bell.. Rember the time when the Nationalist Party told Dr Debono that the only way to be accepted in the fold was to attack the Labour Party every day!! But even if Mr Plumpton is trying to emulate Debono, probably his fate is going to be the same as that of Dr Debono. The only difference was that Debono pulled out the plug on the Nationalist Government, while the Nationalist Party is going to pull the rug from under Mr Plumpton feet.
By the way, MT I guess you meant "biased" TVM. It looks like Plumpton agrees with a sizeable number of PL supporters who claim a PN bias in the station!
Impartial TVM? Pull another one Kevin!
Oh dear, the PN really doesn't like getting a taste of it's own medicine. These people appear to have very short memories- the rest of us don't!