In the Press: Perspectives on Labour's first year

Stories from today's national press

The Times of Malta

Brussels to keep an eye on Malta's financials

Despite a positive economic forecast, the European Commission will still monitor Malta’s public finances. Sources within the EC said that even though the deficit was coming down,the situation was not improving at a satisfactory rate.

Also on the front page today was news that fragments of the aircraft, which fell off the radar two days ago between Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, may have been spotted by Vietnamese navy planes. The search continues for Flight MH370, which disappeared with over 200 passengers on board.


PN is the voice of the people – Busuttil

Addressing supporters during a gathering in Senglea, PN leader Simon Busuttil posed a few questions to those attending, namely whether the Maltese people felt that the last year had shown an improvement in their lives and whether citizens felt more or less proud of their heritage now that the citizenship scheme would be coming into force. He also called into question the governments apparent tolerance for corruption.

In-Nazzjon went on to report that during his address yesterday, PM Joseph Muscat said, with regards to the LNG storage tanker in Marsaxlokk Bay, that there was an element of risk even if the tanker was kept further out to sea.


This year was good for peoples pockets – PM

Speaking to a crowd in St George’s Square, Valletta, PM Joseph Muscat said that the past year had improved citizens’ quality of life and kept more money in their pockets. On the first anniversary of the election of a Labour government, Muscat went on to say that despite predictions of the necessity of a bailout from the Opposition, the economy is going from strength to strength.

The Malta Independent

LNG tanker will be replaced by gas pipeline

During the same speech, Muscat said that the LNG tanker currently at the centre of controversy was a temporary measure, one that would eventually be replaced by a gas pipeline to mainland Europe.

The same newspaper reports that Leader of the Opposition Simon Busuttil meanwhile accused the government of betraying the people in the south of Malta, saying that the Labour party used them for their votes and then abandoned them when they voiced their concerns about the plans for a floating gas terminal.