Police officer can be a referee, but not a coach

Members of the Police Corps dreaming of becoming the next Joachim Loew may have to postpone their dream until they retire from the Corps.

Members of the Police Corps who dream of coaching footballers or any other sports activities are not allowed to do so, given that the nature of the role is "automatically partial".

But those interested in becoming referees – on a voluntary basis – have no problem in doing so since that nature of the job requires the referee to be independent and impartial.

The information was tabled in parliament by Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia in reply to questions raised by Opposition MP Jason Azzopardi.

Azzopardi asked whether a police officer could coach a football team or any other sports and whether a police officer can serve as a president or official within a football or other sports club.

“Since coaching constitutes an activity of a partial nature, it is not permissible for police officers to act as coaches. The same applies for officers who wish to serve in sports committees,” Mallia said.

But the same argument does not apply if a police officer wants to serve as a referee.

“A referee must be independent and impartial and therefore there is nothing wrong if a police officer wants to practice this activity… as long as it is on a voluntary basis and in his free time.”

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