Five festive recipes for afternoon tea

After some last minute Christmas shopping a something sweet for afternoon tea works a treat. Serve it with a glass of mulled wine and that adds a little to the festive spirit.

Choosing which festive treat to serve with your afternoon tea pretty much depends on where you come from. At Gourmet Today, though we love traditional recipes, we also like to try new things, like these Swedish saffron buns or this cross between a cinnamon roll and a mince pie, all dressed up as a Christmas tree that is perfect for sharing.

Mince pies

It’s not Christmas until you’ve made your first batch of mince pies! Making your own is really easy and tastes so much better than even the best store-bought ones.

Get the recipe for mince pies here.

Homemade mince for mince pies

Making your own mince may seem like a bit of a job, however all it takes is mixing the ingredients and giving it a little bit of time. If you try it you’ll never go back to mince from a jar ever again!

Get the recipe for homemade mince for mince pies here.

Saffron buns

These Swedish buns, known as lussebullar or lussekattar, are eaten around Christmas time – particularly on 13 December. This is one Swedish tradition we should be quite happy to adopt.

Get the recipe for saffron buns here.

Christmas buns

These festive buns are a cross between cinnamon rolls and mince pies. Using the mince you’d usually put in a pie and the soft dough of a cinnamon roll, they are the perfect Christmas treat best served warm with a glass (or three) of mulled wine.

Get the recipe for Christmas buns here.

Mulled wine

When the temperatures drop around Christmas time, get a pot of mulled wine on the hob and serve with some delicious Christmas treats.

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