How to get Instagram followers and likes?

Instagram has emerged as the foundation of your social presence, and has become a proven platform that drives online traffic, enhances sales, and brings in better engagement for businesses

Instagram is one of the most favourite ways to market products and services, and intelligent marketers are enhancing their investment in the platform every year.

You might not be thrilled with the growth and engagement of your Instagram account, and believe us; you are not alone. There is a lot of competition as more and more businesses are getting on board. Instagram likes and followers get you a bigger audience and better opportunities to please your customers.

Here are some easy ways to get more Instagram followers and likes:

1. Optimise the account

The first step is to set up a good Instagram account. You need to have a well-articulated bio, a clear profile picture, and finer details that depict your brand identity. More importantly, the page needs to create an impact. The page needs to have a search-friendly username. The profile picture must look professional. This will also help to get better social traffic.

2. Having consistent posts

The number of posts matters a lot on Instagram. You may not attract likes or followers if you post irrelevant content. Creating content with value is what gets you more likes and followers. Doing so consistently will grab the attention. You must have a regular posting schedule and decipher the best times to post.

3. Schedule posts well in advance

The Instagram algorithm recognises your consistent efforts. Posting right content at the right times will bring you more visibility and maximise engagement.

You need to schedule Instagram content wisely to ensure proper control. Instagram scheduling tools can be perfect for your brand’s posts.

4. Engage regularly with customers and influencers

One of the best ways to get more likes and followers is to engage with the audience and work in unison with the influencers. These campaigns are a social proof that you think about the people’s interest. Partnering with influencers is another way to enhance the number of likes and followers. 

5. Avoid buying fake likes and followers

People might get attracted to quick growth and resort to buying fake likes and followers. This is of no use as all these are bot accounts that bring no engagement. These fake Instagram followers and likes will even turn down the potential organic growth. An inactive engagement is suspicious and brings in no monetary value. Real people will like, comment, and share your Instagram posts. 

6. Showcase your handle everywhere 

You must add your handle’s name in every post across all social media portals, emails, and other advertising options you choose. Don’t be shy in including the handle in marketing emails. Feature it on the website homepage and talk about the page as many times as possible.

7. Post relatable content 

Be confident in what you post and have a well-planned content strategy. Only high-quality content can get you more followers and likes. Keep a track of the competitors. Make a note of the factors that drive engagement. Keep a track of new Instagram trends and hop on these content formats.

8. Find relevant hashtags to get more likes and followers

Instagram hashtags are now a staple and are here to stay forever. They add a lot of weight to the content and attract a wide range of audience. But using unnecessary hashtags in the content will never get you more likes or any new followers. You need to focus on what industry-specific hashtags you can use to attract the customers. Be visible and stay meaningful at the same time.

9. Make the Instagram followers happy

When your Instagram followers are happy, you will automatically see a growth in the audience as well as reach. The best accounts have communities and loyal fans, not just followers who like the posts.

10. Use trending audio and topics

You must follow current trends to get more likes on your Reels. Use trending topics, formats, and audio to create content. Trending topics make your reels go viral. You generally find influencers using these audio trends. This is an excellent idea, as the Instagram algorithm finds it engaging. But remember to be unique. Apply some nice twists to these popular trends. 

11. Make use of viral transitions

Fun transitions have always been in trend. Transitions can be a part of the content or reels and keep the users engaged in what is going to happen next. Keep track of new viral transition styles and use them in your Reels to create magic.


All these tips act as a building block to becoming a follower-friendly page. Put these tricks into practice and let them gel with your brand values. Avoid getting into the trap of buying fake likes and followers. Always resort to buying real likes and followers. It is all about creating authentic content. You must focus on customer relationships. Create content that displays your personality and is inspirational and humorous at the same time.