Twin, the new online casino in Malta | It’s time to Twinify the world!

Mark Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer, speaks to Ester Mocchegiani about Twin, a brand new online casino establishing itself as a leading company in this ever-growing and competitive industry

Can you give us a brief rundown on Twin?

Twin is a brand new online casino launched in July 2017. It is already widely acclaimed by customers and colleagues as the hottest new casino of 2017. The project is firmly based on a team of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of the igaming sector, aiming to create a casino experience that we would relish playing at ourselves.

Mark Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer and Marcin Jablonski, Chief Brand Officer
Mark Thorne, Chief Marketing Officer and Marcin Jablonski, Chief Brand Officer

“Twinify the world” is your mission. How would you accomplish it?

We have an entire lexicon of Twin related terms, with the verb Twinify being at the forefront of our mission statement. Twinify the world is our drive to make everyone aware of Twin, we want to reach any potential Twinner (someone that works at or plays at twin), particularly fans of casino entertainment. Raising awareness of our brand and introduce players to our unique customer-centric offering ensuring they have the most entertaining and enjoyable casino experience.

"We have an entire lexicon of Twin related terms"

What are the benefits of working with Twin and being a “Twinner”?
Being a Twinner represents being a vital “cog” in the Twin team. We take great care in our HR selection process to ensure not only do we attract the best talent and innovators from in and outside the industry, but that we create a vibrant and stimulating work place which provides the perfect environment for everyone to perform to the best of their abilities and enhance their skillsets. We guarantee that any new Twinner will enjoy their career with us, contributing to the brand whilst also learning and being part of what will be a major brand name in the igaming space.

Why should a new affiliate choose Twin? Can you explain to us your Affiliates Program?
Having only launched in July this year, almost all affiliates are new to Twin. There are two main reasons why affiliates should work with us. Firstly, the people involved in the affiliation and marketing side of Twin are amongst the best in the industry, respected and recognised for their experience and reputation. This immediately conveys trust and reliability in our affiliate program to any potential affiliates. Secondly, Twin is not a regular new casino or white label. It is a brand with a long term vision and plan, where development of the product, huge attention to CRM and high customer care standards are fulcral to our strategy, ensuring customer lifetimes and values are rewarding to affiliates over a longer period of time when compared to other new casinos.

We know that your company’s goal is being focused on “YOU”, your players. How will you provide them with what you describe being a fun, easy-going yet secure gaming environment?
We have a vastly talented team of developers continually turning our wishes, dreams and ideas into reality. This ensures Twin is constantly releasing new features and improvements both for desktop and mobile versions. Everything we do is aimed at improving our customers’ experience whilst playing with us.  We also pay great attention to all the partners we work with, from gaming content and service providers to payments solutions, ensuring we are best-in-class services for our customers when it comes to content, security and of course entertainment. Responsible gaming is another focus point for Twin, where we aim to ensure our customers are safe whilst enjoying themselves within their own personal limits.

Following your recent expansion, how do you see your business developing in the next few years?
Twin will be forever evolving, there isn’t a point on the horizon right now where we think we will stop thinking of new ideas or developments for this brand. Our business development plan is split between product development and market consolidation and expansion.

As already mentioned, our product and development teams work in symphony to constantly improve Twin and add new features and functionality. In September Twin was the first online casino to implement a mini screen game view feature, where casino games minimize to a small size in the corner of the screen, with gameplay continuing, whilst the user can navigate to other areas of the site, similar to what you see on Youtube or Twitch.  A small feature, but nonetheless one that received universal acclaim. So much so that a number of competitors have already, or are currently working on, replicating.
With regards to market expansion, Twin aims to expand into different markets geographically in 2018, as well as other verticals which are complementary to Casino.

Twin's stand at SIGMA2017
Twin's stand at SIGMA2017

Any other plans for the future that you want to talk about?
We are based in Malta, and as such it is part of our mission to raise our brand awareness here. Not only through advertising, but also through key strategic partnerships such as SIGMA. Local brand awareness is hugely beneficial to our recruitment efforts, and you can expect see Twin almost everywhere in Malta.

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