Exhibition | James Vella Clark

A new exhibition by James Vella Clark will be inaugurated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Merchants Street, Valletta on Monday.

The exhibition, titled Latest Paintings, is being hosted to commemorate 10 years since the artist’s first personal exhibition held in 2001 at the Manoel Theatre courtyard.

Vella Clark’s last major exhibition in Malta, Two Harbours, was held in 2007 and was followed by an exhibition at the UN Headquarters in New York in November 2008. His last exhibition was a small collection of works presented at gallery Art..E in Victoria, Gozo in August 2009.

“Simply themed ‘Latest Paintings’, the works are a collective representation of how the depiction of the local urban and rural landscape has developed to become more abstract and rudimentary, especially throughout the past three years,” Vella Clark said.

“In this exhibition I also reiterate my particular love for small scale depictions to seek to establish a more intimate relationship between the work and the viewer.”

The exhibition will be inaugurated during a private vernissage on Monday, and will be open to the public between this Tuesday and Friday, 25 March.

More info: http://jamesvellaclark.net/